June 14, 2013

Snow Leopard Nails

Shellac Snow Leopard Manicure
This manicure is way easier than it looks.  The entire design is done freehand with a dotting tool.  The irregularity of leopard print makes this a very forgiving pattern -- any mistakes look like they are supposed to be there!

After applying and curing base coat, I started with 3 coats of Harmony Gelish in Sleek White.  Then used a large dotting tool to make the centers of the spots with CND Shellac in Cityscape.

After that, I used a smaller dotting tool to make the outer edges of the spots with CND Shellac in Asphalt.  To do this part, you simply make oblong marks on three sides along the edges of the center spots.  I added some tiny dots with the Shellac Asphalt as well.

The last step is to finish with a coat of CND Shellac Top Coat.

June 06, 2013

Lechat Mood Color Changing Gel Polish: Angel's Breeze

Lechat Mood Gel Polish: Angel's Breeze
This polish is amazing!  The color seems to be constantly changing, and I find myself frequently checking out my nails to see what color they are.  

In warmer temperature they are a pale frosty pink, and in colder temperature they are a deep magenta.  The colors have just a hint of shimmer, which is much more noticeable when they are paler.

Lechat's Perfect Match Mood Color Changing Gel Polish is the same consistency as CND Shellac, cures in a UV lamp, and is no more expensive than other gel polishes. 

The only downside to this polish is that this particular color is very sheer, and it took 4 coats of color to get to the opacity I wanted.
Thermal color changing polish
Lechat Angel's Breeze

Here's the process I used for this mani:

  1. Apply CND Shellac Base Coat and cure in lamp 10 seconds.
  2. Apply 4 coats of Lechat Angel's Breeze and cure in lamp 120 seconds for each coat.
  3. Apply CND Shellac Top coat and cure in lamp 120 seconds.
  4. Wipe nails with Acetone to finish.

June 05, 2013

Shellac Water Marble: Neutral Colors

Shellac Water Marble.
This is another example of normal polish sandwiched between Shellac color and top coat.  Even with the water marbled layer of normal polish, the manicure lasted almost 3 weeks!

After applying and curing CND Shellac base coat, used 2 coats of Shellac Cityscape.  After curing the second layer of Cityscape, I wiped the nails with acetone so that they wouldn't be sticky.

I then used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On and Stony Creme to do the marbling.  For a photo tutorial of the water marbling process see

Finished off with a coat of CND Shellac Top Coat.