January 11, 2013

Hotski to Tchotchke and Sweet Chocolate

Shellac Hotski to Tchotchke and Gelish Sweet Chocolate.
Started with 2 coats of CND Shellac Hotski to Tchotchke on all except ring finger.  Then sponge painted 2 coats of Harmony Gelish Sweet Chocolate on the tips fading inward.

Ring finger is 2 coats of Sweet Chocolate and then a diagonal 2 coats of Hotski to Tchotchke on top with rhinestones down the center.

Although in the photo it looks like there isn't quite enough coverage of the Hotski to Tchotchke on top, in person it does not look that way.  Just the same, if I did this again I would use 3 coats on top.

I also used 3 layers of top coat over the rhinestones to make sure they really stay in place.


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